Wood may be one of the most useful and beautiful material. Wood adds a warmth and depth that can make even the most sterile environments seem more inviting. From stately boardrooms, to casual retail and restaurants, or paired with stone, glass, steel, or textile, there’s nothing quite like wood. But like any specialty surface, wood requires particular care to keep its lasting beauty and long-term usefulness.

Wear and tear occur on the surfaces of wooden products used especially in exterior due to factors such as climate changes, direct sun rays, snow, rain and wind. However, maintenance periods are shortened due to the use of surface treatment products with low quality level and brand. In addition, different problems may arise in products where scientific requirements are ignored during manufacturing. Regarding all these wear, surface wear and other problems, wooden products need maintenance and repair. Our company carries out the necessary operations with the products of the leading brands of the industry at the highest quality level in terms of maintenance and repair, in accordance with the procedures and requirements.

Our Services in the scope of maintenance and repair:

  • Surface treatment is subjected to maintenance periods for the products Such as wooden building, gazebo, patio, pergola, decking, facade and wall coverings, planters, garden furniture, fences, winter garden and bridge;
  • Within the scope of maintenance; Processes such as sanding the surfaces of wooden products and applying surface protective paints are carried out.
  • Repairment is carried out for deformed or worn products such as wooden building, gazebo, veranda, pergola, decking, planters, garden furniture, fences, winter garden and bridge.
  • Within the scope of repair; worn part changing and surface treatments are performed on wooden products.