_____ WHO WE ARE

GNC WOOD DESIGN founded in 2013 is located in Istanbul.  Starting its business life by designing, manufacturing and implementing outdoor wooden constructional projects  GNC WOOD DESIGN accelerates to produce live edge products, epoxy resin products, ecological baby and kid furniture and RPM furniture in 2015. They present their products developed in time to their customers with the brands of “Huma Concept” and “miniG”. GNC WOOD DESIGN became professional in solid wood field by using only natural solid wood in their projects and products.    

GNC WOOD DESIGN is also specialized in providing elegant and stunning interior design services for both residential and commercial projects.

From private homeowners to hotels and offices, clients commission GNC WOOD DESIGN’s wealth of artistry and knowledge to deliver a truly bespoke experience unlike any other in the industry.

Indoor Applications;

  • Commercial and residential indoor projects
  • Custom made furniture design and production
  • Indoor decoration projects including large scale of materials from textile to metal and wood.

Outdoor Applications;

  • Designing, producing and implementing outdoor wooden constructional projects
  • Manufacturing urban and garden furniture
  • Wood restoration and maintenance services


Our mission aim to shape spaces with “timeless and limitless designs” and want to be a globally recognized professional solid wood design  company, providing solutions in the field of high-end products, corporate, commercial & residential interiors and exteriors.