We offer a huge selection of luxurious, modern and contemporary bespoke furniture to our customers. We design and manufacture furniture to commercial and residential projects. Besides bespoke furniture we offer our customer soft furnishings, curtains, blinds, wallpapers, lighting and accessories to complement any interior projects.

Fashions continue to change all the time, and the fastest way to keep up with changing furniture fashions is to work with custom furniture manufacturers. Custom furniture allows you to get exactly the piece you want for your client, whether you want to follow the current trends or go in a new direction. Showroom pieces are slower to evolve. But with custom furniture manufacturers you can take part in designing the furniture you’ve imagined. Here are some of the things bespoke furniture manufacturers can do for interior architectures and designers.


Eco-friendly and natural wood design is not a trend that will be going away. The demand for luxury furniture also plays into the desire for environmentally-friendly furniture production methods. Small custom furniture manufacturers are more likely to utilize local, sustainable materials than larger corporations are.  GNC WOOD DESIGN is proud to be a part of this trend. We take every step possible to craft eco-friendly furniture for our commercial and residential clients.