Natural live edge tables and coffee tables will be a good alternative for those who want to experience naturalness in their spaces with their unique natural patterns, moire and fiber structure.

We see that natural wood designs are more preferred in decoration recently. Natural wooden tables and coffee tables are undoubtedly one of the most used wooden products for decorative purposes. They give their owners the nature they come from with their unique appearance and the feeling they give when touched. With the increase in concretization, the urge of people to be close to nature enables these designs to be included in our lives even more.

The places where natural wood designs are used predominantly have become more preferable with the sincerity and warmth of the wood as well as the rustic appearance it gains.

The number one choice for those looking for naturalness in their living spaces, wooden tables, ie live edge tables, are produced from many kinds of trees. Some of these trees are obtained from domestic and some from abroad. Some of the local trees used are various hard woods such as maple, juniper, plane tree, walnut, oak, chestnut, mulberry, cherry, pear and ash. The most commonly used foreign tree is iroko which is known as African Teak tree. The structure and characteristics of each tree are very different. It is up to your personal taste to decide which product to choose. Wooden tables can generally be produced from one piece, but wooden tables are made up of one or more pieces according to the width of the tree. This makes no difference in terms of robustness and handling.

Walnut wood is the most preferred type of wood for table making. It is possible to capture two different shades of walnut trees. Walnut tree extract, known as American walnut on the market, is lighter in color with black edges. The native walnut tree has darker essence and edges. The abundant moire appearance and unique smell of walnut tree add a distinct aesthetic to the spaces. You can choose walnut wood as a dining table, coffee table, office desk, bookcase or console.Oak, Ash, Sycamore and Chestnut trees can also be preferred.

The oak and ash trees, which are hard woods, are very light in color. They have different hazards than darker trees like walnut.

Many designs can be made using natural wood. TV units, consoles, bookcases, bathroom basins, floor lamps, pendant lamps, mirrors, service plates and wooden wall designs are used in many areas of interior decoration. People’s longing for nature and the old in decoration has also made it possible to return to the old and the natural. Therefore, the interest in natural wood products is increasing day by day. If you want to see natural design products at home, you can start by chosing a live edge table.

Considerations when buying a natural wooden table;

The moisture content of the tree used in the indoor designs must be low and dry wood class. If possible, it is important to keep the wood logs dehumidified after drying in the air-conditioning rooms for a certain time in order to use the wood for a long time. Otherwise, deformation such as crooking-cracking of wood will occur over time.

The polishing materials applied to the surface of wooden tables and coffee tables should be natural.

Cellulosic based polish applications are harmful for health.

The tree used in table making should not contain bacteria.

The tree is a living material and you have to do annual maintenance.

Be careful not to contact natural wood materials directly with water.