We support our children’s self-sufficiency skills and self-confidence by creating environments where children can do their own work in our house.

The priority here is to make the child’s life easier. The objects in the child’s use area should be arranged according to the size of the child so that the child can do his / her daily work or needs without assistance. You should prepare to have spaces reserved for your child in the rooms of your home and they should be able to access their belongings on their own at any time.

Children will feel happier and more successful in this prepared environment and feel that they are an individual. According to the Montessori philosophy, children should have wardrobes, beds, toy cabinets, shelves, chairs and tables according to kids dimensions to make their rooms feel their own.

A child who is as close to the floor as possible and who lies on his / her own bed will adopt the bed more and feel his / her own.

When the wardrobe is in its own height, They will be able to reach all the clothes they want. They will make his own decisions and feel that They are an individual. There should be shelves, toy cabinet or bookshelf in which they can easily access his books or toys. A mirror should be available for self-discovery, intelligence and language development.

A board where they can freely paint will develop the child’s imagination and productivity. When we apply all of these things, the child will feel more belonging to this environment and their self-confidence will improve.

In addition, the raw materials used for these products must be harmless to health and natural. Furniture that your children will be in contact with all day should not be mdf, chipboard and synthetic based paints such as lacquer or interior paints should not be used. Our company, which specializes in solid wood, uses completely water-based nature-friendly paints , certificated adhesives and transparent primers in our natural wood products.